Churches Grow by 60s

Tim Brister has a blog post entitled, Is There An Ideal Church Size?   In it, he responds to David Murray’s view that the size of churches would be best capped at 150.  Brister sums up Murray’s view and then gives his own take.

I would merely observe that churches tend to grow by 60s.  I cannot tell you how many churches I have seen with an average attendance of 60, of 120, and 180.  You often hear about the 200 barrier and about the 250 barrier — which are faced by churches which average 180 and 240, respectively.  At a certain point, for larger churches, I believe the “60 factor” drops off and becomes irrelevant, but it is very common below 360.  I believe this group dynamic has to do with how many people you can feel close to and how many names you can remember.  And, thus, I believe it relates to some of the issues discussed by Murray and Brister.  After all, the realities of group dynamic are one thing, but spiritual growth certainly supersede them as a priority.

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