The Preincarnate Conversation

We can only imagine – we have not been told the details, nor dare we speculate too much…

But before time began

Before there was any created being or thing

The Triune God took counsel together.

In the eternal communion, everything was already known

Man will be created

Man will be designed for fellowship with Us

But man will choose sin and fall

Man will have to be redeemed — or perish forever

The Father said, “I will send”

The Son said, “I will Go”

The Spirit said, “I will be upon You”

The Father said, “You will be unrecognized”

The Spirit said, “I will reveal Your identity to only a few — at first”

The Son said, “I will veil My glory”

The Spirit said, “I will place Your life in the womb of a young woman”

The Father said, “I will send angels to announce your arrival”

The Son said, “I will become one of them”

The Father said, “You may not use your divine powers, as God”

The Spirit said, “I will empower You”

The Father said, “You will live in constant communion with Me – the way they were supposed to”

The Spirit said, “You will rely on Me as I direct You – the way they were supposed to”

The Son said, “I will do only those things I hear from You”

The Father said, “You will be tempted”

The Spirit said, “You will feel the detestable presence of sin”

The Son said, “I must bear their sins to save them”

The Father said, “You must do so all alone and forsaken”

The Spirit said, “You will suffer greatly”

The Triune God said, “I will suffer greatly… for them

Came then the fullness of time,

Quickly moving from heaven to earth

Quietly slipping into time and space

The Son heard a new sound – not of heaven’s thunderous praise, but the lone heartbeat of his mother…

He was now one of them… And silently on his path to his sufferings and His death

…to fulfill the plan Triune God made in eternity past.

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