Drive-Time and Disciple-Making

“Workers took an average of 25.1 minutes to get to work.” (1)

And because they do, we have an opportunity to make disciples of people who do not enjoy, or who do not have much time, to read. Consider the possibility of disciple-making audio segments. They could have these features:

  • Short, song-length tracks—four to six minutes each.
  • Easy to listen to as one drives.
  • Each “album” could be like little “variety shows” in that various voices and approaches are used. The tracks could utilize weekly memory verses, a short testimony on each point, a short example in drama, a key sentence that summarizes each point, etc.
  • Each track would focus on one point–driven home in multiple ways… one verse, one story, etc. — one point.
  • More story-oriented format than linear thought.
  • To have an upbeat tone, but naturally, without compromising the message.

Many larger churches have drama teams that could help produce these audio resources at little or no cost.

People could listen to the audio segments each day in their commute to and from work… then discuss the content in weekly group sessions. The audio would help members of the discipleship group review their Scripture memory verse.

Topics could include:

  • Assurance of salvation
  • What has happened to you
  • What to do when you sin
  • Baptism
  • Church membership
  • Christian fellowship
  • Being a church member without becoming disillusioned
  • How to get started having a daily time of Bible reading and prayer
  • How to Understand the Bible
  • How to pray when your mind wants to wander
  • How to help your friends come to know Jesus
  • How to overcome sinful habits
  • How to move from selfishness to kindness in relationships
  • How to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit
  • Learning to think like a Christian
  • How to be a better husband
  • Parenting skills
  • How to be a better employee
  • How to be a better child as an adult


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