Audio Testimonies

Testimonies represent a most powerful witness!  This is a very simple thing to do. Sit down with Christians, ask questions about their life stories, and let them reply.

You could have five to ten testimonies per CD, running four to eight minutes per testimony.

All Kinds of Testimonies to Reach All Kinds of People

You could have theme CDs where testimonies come from specific walks of life:

  • Business people
  • Busy Mom
  • Children
  • College student
  • Senior adult
  • Sports & Athletes
  • Sportsman (hunting & fishing)
  • Middle and High School Students
  • Apologetics edition with former skeptics
  • Variety collection
  • Regional Accents (to resource church planters)
  • Collections in Spanish and other languages
  • The focus of the various specialized testimony CDs could vary a little each year.

These could be distributed to:

  • Those who attend block party connected with a new church plant.
  • Those who donate food to a Canning for Hunger effort and placed in their “Thank You” door package.
  • Youth who attend a sports camp event in a new work area.
  • Those who attend a church-sponsored fishing tournament.
  • Parents bringing their children to a fall festival.

God Keeps Producing New Material!

There are many Christians in our churches who would be glad to have their testimonies recorded and distributed at no charge. It would be easy to record a good number of testimonies at Ridgecrest Assembly and at the annual Southern Baptist Convention, for example. God is ensuring that there is an unending supply of great life stories to work with.

Testimony Interview Questions
Thank you for agreeing to share your testimony in a recorded interview. We will basically sit down with you and ask you questions about your story and let you reply. What we are asking you to do is answer the interviewer; just talk to him. This will create a very conversational tone and sounds more like a celebrity interview than a sermon. Then, we will edit the interview, taking out the interviewer’s questions. You will find the questions below so you can think about them in advance. You are asked to answer in complete sentences so as to reveal the questions, since the interviewer’s questions will be edited out.

What is your first name and where would we find you during the day?
(Sample answers below)

    • My name is Ralph and I am a trunk driver for a cement company.
    • My name is Wanda and I quit work to become a stay at home Mom.

What was the driving factor in your life before you became a Christian?

What were you looking for and where did you look for it? Did you find it there?

When did you start thinking about becoming a Christian?  What was going on in your life at the time?

How did you find out about Jesus Christ and hear the Gospel?

What made the “light come on” for you?

What was the key thing you needed to understand in order to trust Jesus Christ?

How does the cross of Jesus come into play?  What do we mean when we refer to the cross?

Where were you and what exactly happened when you became a Christian?  Did someone talk to you? Were you in a church service? What, who, when, and where?

How is God at work in your life now? What difference is He making? How would say your life has changed?

    • How would your spouse or family describe the change?
    • In your family life?
    • At work?
    • In you as a person?

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