Meet Bobby Gilstrap

This is the first “Someone you should know” profile of leaders who have an online presence, offering some free resources for ministry. Each of these persons will have expertise in ministry in small towns.

Bobby Gilstrap is the Lead State Missionary (or Executive Director) of the Baptist State Convention of Michigan ( He moved there after being the Director of Missions for the Huron and Southeastern Baptist Associations in southeastern Michigan ( He has developed clear plans for church planting and for equipping mission teams to assist in church planting.

Biographical Information on the Michigan State Convention site

Blog: He occassionally posts on his blog at

Video Training: This is a site  from the Michigan Baptist State Convention and the Baptist Convention of Canada, providing video training.  You can watch the video of the presenter and, at the same time, see the PowerPoint. Sometimes, you can download an audio file or notes.  There are two other sites I know about in this web site family: (Canadian Convention) and (Network of Baptist Associations). His training videos include (but are not limited to):

(And here is a list of the ten most watched training videos by all speakers on the State Convention web site: here.  (This is for the 30-day period ending January 13, 2013.)

Audio Conferences: You can hear Audio Conferences Bobby has done on e-media. These are telephone interviews with ministers who are knowledgeable in a given area. Some are well-known; others are not as well-known, but have helpful things to say. At the end of the interview, questions are taken from those who listened by telephone.  These interviews can also still be found (with better descriptions and at least for now), here on Church Starting and here on Church Growth & Health and here on Evangelism on the Huron and Southeastern Baptist Associations site.

Twitter: Bobby is very active on Twitter and you can follow him at @bobby_gilstrap (

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