Meet Terry Dorsett

This is the second “Someone you should know” profile.  These are leaders who have an online presence, offering some free resources for ministry. Each of these persons will have expertise in ministry in small towns.

If you are a rural or small town pastor, a good person to know about is Terry Dorsett. I first heard him last year at the North American Mission Board’s Send North America Conference.

Here is part of his author biography on

Terry moved to Vermont to serve as a church planting missionary with the North American Mission Board (SBC) in 1993. Upon first arriving in Vermont he served in a small village of less than 1000 residents. From 2001-2012 Terry served as the Director of the Green Mountain Baptist Association. The association is a network of churches across Vermont that work together to start new churches and plan strategic evangelism projects.

Terry partnered with two other families in 2004 to start Faith Community Church in Barre, Vermont. Terry served the church as pastor until 2012. During that time the church grew to be the second largest Southern Baptist church in the state of Vermont and was widely known for reaching unchurched young adults. The church used a bivocational multi-leader approach to ministry, a style which Terry developed and has written extensively about.

In 2012, Terry became the Church Planting Coordinator for the Baptist convention in the state of Connecticut. In that role he helps existing churches start daughter congregations in nearby towns.

He is with the Green Mountain Baptist Association

His books include:

His blog site is called, Next Generation Evangelistic Network

Free Resources…

Bobby Gilstrap has an audio conference interview with Dr. Dorsett on the topic, Developing Leaders in Small Churches.

Articles by Terry Dorsett on SBC Today

Eight part series on Bivocational Pastors

Baptist Press Articles by Terry Dorsett

Other Baptist Press Articles by Terry Dorsett:

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