Audio: LifeWay’s Using the Daily Commute

My wife, Sheila, picked up a two-disk set of CDs at LifeWay, called LifeWay Women Devotions, sometime around Christmas. They are designed for the daily commute; the pink case says, “Grow closer to God while driving to work, at the gym or cooking dinner with audio devotions from LifeWay Women authors.” There are six devotionals on each CD and each track runs around ten minutes (shortest: 8:47 and longest: 13:01). You will remember from a previous post that the average commute in the United States is 25 minutes.

These were easy for LifeWay to produce; they simply took segments from their women’s Bible studies by people like Beth Moore, Jennifer Rothschild, and Priscella Shirer. They made an audio CD of these segments. Easy! (For all the critics out there: I am talking about the format concept here — and am not trying to appraise all these women Bible teachers I have never even heard.)

Each track serves as a one-subject devotional with stories women like. They are easy to listen to in the car. You can listen to one again on the way home. You can pass a CD to a friend if you hear a segment you think would be helpful to her (far less expensive than buying the entire video series to give her and a lot easier than getting her to travel through time to hear the session she missed at church).

A few thoughts:

  • The format is terrific — practical, portable, reviewable, and shareable.
  • Affordable is another important quality – these are $5 for 12 segments.
  • These could even be made by design – short sessions designed for the format.
  • There could be an entire basic discipleship curriculum designed for this format.
  • Men could be helped by such a series designed for them. I would try to make the tracks on the mens’ editions a little shorter.
  • See my previous post, “Drive-time and Disciple-making.”

So, great idea by LifeWay! A good idea for men’s discipleship yet to be created!

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