Principles for the Pilgrimage

Beloved, I beg you as sojourners and pilgrims…  — 1st Peter 2:11

The steps of a man are established by the LORD,
And He delights in his way. — Psalm 37:23, NAS95

As we all know from Scripture and experience, our Christian growth is a journey.  Here are five principles that are helpful for the journey:

Every step in the journey matters

It isn’t merely about enduring the preparation until you arrive at the destination; the entire journey is with the Lord.  If you had the opportunity to ride in a car with the Lord Jesus, would you really care how long the trip was?  No, during the entire trip, you would be spending time with Jesus!

The steps are sequential

One step leads to the next.  Each step provides experiences (and sometimes formal training) to prepare us for the steps ahead.

God’s purpose and call on your life involves the entire journey

We are just as called of God to the early steps as to the advanced steps.  Therefore, we shouldn’t try to skip a step (because we do not like it) or stay stuck on a step (because we do like it).  Skipping a step – or failing to move on the next step – is like asking Jesus to have the driver pull over so you can get out.  The only place you can be in fellowship with Him is where He is going.  Each and every step is a matter of obedience.

Direction is crucial; so, stay on course

We obey God one step at a time, but it boils down to this: Our job is to stay on course in the direction the Lord has pointed.  We will not be told about every step in advance, or about every obstacle, but He will point us in the right direction.  Our job is to stay on course.

In the journey, God leads, but we consciously obey

Many err because they are too passive.  They sincerely want to obey the Lord, but are waiting for God to drop the divine puppet strings down and move upon them.  They want God to work through them and fear acting out of the flesh. Yet, the next step is in a direction God has already pointed. Obedience is supposed to be active. Passivity makes us vulnerable to false teachers and open to demonic deception.  The Biblical concept is more a matter of presenting ourselves to the Lord.  This involves conscious, thoughtful, deliberate acts.

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