Six Things to Help You Start Sharing Your Faith

Are you thinking about ways you could influence people are Christ? Below are six sets of things one needs to get started in sharing his or her faith:

  • Two one-sentence testimonies
  • Two questions that help a person think
  • Two things to give away
  • Two people who don’t know Christ, but know something you need to learn
  • Two places to put yourself in contact with lost people
  • Two ways to help people

Two One-Sentence Testimonies

We often cannot share our entire life-story. Either people aren’t interested or there isn’t enough time. But as a conversation flows and a subject matter that relates to your life experience comes up, there may be the opportunity for one well-crafted sentence.

Think of the things the Lord has done for you and the changes in your life that have been most meaningful to you. Then, find a way to condense it down into one well-crafted sentence. Avoid any religious lingo or Christian shorthand expressions. Use words to which secular people, who have no church background, can relate. Here are some examples:

  • Before I became a Christian I was so afraid of death I couldn’t visit the funeral home.
  • I was always disappointed my husband wasn’t the knight in shining armor I always dreamed of, but then I realized I was looking for him to fill voids in me only God can fill.
  • Since I became a Christian, I’ve had to face my inclination to be selfish — and the Bible has really helped me to rethink my motivations.

Below is a link to worksheet to help you develop your own sentences:

1-Sentence Testimony Worksheet (pdf)

Two Questions that Help a Person Think

Questions are helpful ways to help people think. I am not speaking of a smart-alack question or a question with an accusation implied or one that mocks the person. We shouldn’t go around trying to make people look foolish. However, it is OK to challenge a friend’s thinking and help them to think. Here are some examples:

  • Has anything ever happened to you that was dramatic, personal or spectacular enough to cause you to be certain there is a God? —One who is both infinite and personally caring?
  • If you could know God personally, would you want to?
  • If what you believe were wrong, would you want to know?
  • If your questions could be answered to your satisfaction, at that point would you believe in Christ?

A great source for such questions is on the Evangelism Coach web site. Here is an article and links to more questions: The Power of Questions in Conversational Evangelism. You can also follow him on Twitter at @EvangelismCoach

Two Things to Give away – CD with a Testimony, a Book, a Booklet

Fishermen maintain tackle boxes with an assortment of lures to catch various kinds of fishes at various times of day in various depths and kinds of waters. Similarly, golfers carry an assortment of clubs in their golf bags to use at varying distances and for grass when the golf ball will roll at different speeds. Fisherman will ask each other what’s in their tackle box and golfers will ask each other what’s in their bag. Every Christian needs a couple (or more) things he likes to give away to his friends who are not Christians yet. Perhaps this includes Lee Strobel’s book, The Case for Christ, or a CD with a recorded testimony. You will need something for those who are more skeptical and for those who are open to the gospel. These resources should always be something you have listened to yourself and for which you feel a genuine measure of enthusiasm. You should be able to sincerely say, “I found this to be very helpful” or “This is just a terrific summary of what we were talking about” or “I believe you will enjoy listening to this.” Be careful to give away reading materials in a suitable large print size. Then, follow up by asking the person what he or she thought of the book or audio.

Two People Who Don’t Yet Know Christ, But from Whom You Can Learn Something

This is about connecting your life with people other just Christians. It is about affirming the value of people, created in the image of God, and showing them some respect as human beings. Ask someone to teach you how to tie your own flies for fly-fishing or to show you the basics of ham radio or how to make that cobbler or one of a thousand other things. Christians should not act like we know it all and there is nothing we can learn from those who are not Christians. Unbelievers will not contaminate us. We should not live in isolation. We cannot influence the world for Christ if we have such attitudes.

Two Places to Put Yourself in Contact with Unbelievers

Instead of cloistering ourselves with Christians only, believers should be scattered like salt in food or light in the earth. Some of these places in life are givens: Work or school, for example. But they include optional things like a team you play on, attending games at the park, Lion’s Club, etc. We cannot have influence in a world with which we have not a thing to do!

Two Ways to Help People

The world thinks we Christians are generally useless, at least as far as we live in the “religious” world. They perceive church as some kind of philosophy discussion club. They are willing to grant us more creditability, however, when they see us making the world a better place in which to live. If you are involved in Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, you are there. However, you may need something that is more local in addition such as tutoring, reading at schools, Upward Basketball, etc. Further, doing things to help people puts us in contact with others and gives us an opportunity to explain how Jesus is the one who made us interested in being helpful to others.

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