One-Sentence Testimonies Worksheet

A great way to share your faith is by telling your “God story.” However, sometimes we don’t have the time to tell our life story. People are often unwilling to listen that long, but we can get in one carefully crafted sentence. Such one-sentence testimonies can sum up big truths and large parts of our story in simple, thought-provoking ways. Sometimes the Holy Spirit gives us such sentences “on the fly,” but it is always a good thing to be intentional about sharing our faith.

Give some thought to how you might complete each of these sentences. As you do, you will find some of your answers really “ring the bell” –that is, they put into words entire seasons of your life– and will help you explain in a few words how Jesus made a big difference in you.

Before I became a Christian…

I struggled with: _________________________________________________

I was looking for: _________________________________________________

I thought: ______________________________________________________

I felt:__________________________________________________________

I was afraid: _____________________________________________________

My goal was: _____________________________________________________

I was always disappointed by: _________________________________________

I gave almost religious devotion to: _____________________________________

I tried finding __________________________ in__________________________

Since I became a Christian…
(Or, Since I began to take my faith more seriously…)

I feel more: _____________________________________________________

I fear __________________________________________ less

I continue to struggle with _______________________ , but one of the things that has really helped me is: ________________________________________________

When I went through __________________________,
I learned ____________________________ about myself

As I have worked on my Christian commitment, I have grown

In ___________________________________________________________

And had to face my_______________________________________________

I have discovered a new ___________________________________________

I realized that __________________________________________________

Being in church…

Has helped me __________________________________________________

Made a big difference for me when ____________________________________

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