Fall Time Change, A Great Day for an Attendance Emphasis

The fall time changes is a great day for a high attendance day and Sunday school or in attendance emphasis in your worship services. There are several reasons why this is true:

1. Since it is in the fall people, are in school and in their regular routines. No one is going to be at the lake. No one is going to be on the ski slopes.

2. The weather is good. Not too hot and no snow or ice.

3. The time change gives your members an extra hour of sleep the night before. We tell people in our advertising, “You get an extra hour of sleep and an easy head start to a fresh start in church.” Why do it on a day that is hard?

4. Since others will be doing the same thing, it encourages people who have been out of church for a while to get started back. We have all observed how it is harder to get back into church than it was to get started in the first place.

5. An attendance emphasis encourages your small groups to resume doing the things they should have been doing all year. We need to be alert to new people all year. We need to be taking care of our group members all year. We need to be ministering to people all year. But, sometimes, classes get in a rut, get comfortable being around their friends, and become a little ingrown. A high attendance day gives your classes a tuneup and helps them get back to the basics.

6. A big win boosts morale in your congregation. It lifts their vision for what the church can grow to become.

7. If you will have an attendance emphasis on a day that is easy, advertise heavily, and encourage your members to bring their friends, it will help people get started back in church. It can be a new beginning for people who have been out of church. Some will come on the Sundays following the big day.

When you expose people to the people of God and to the word of God, over a period of time, the Spirit of God does a work of God to bring them into the family of God.

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